This consultation website has been prepared to inform you about Wadworth’s intentions for the former Selectabook building, Folly Road, Devizes.

Wadworth is a family run business which has been established and brewing in Devizes for almost 150 years and is an important part of the town, its culture and its heritage. The existing 1885 Wadworth Brewery is a Grade II Listed Building and much of Wadworth’s plant, equipment and main brewery building is coming to the end of its useful life. The beer market has changed and the current brewery is too big, inefficient and inflexible for Wadworth’s needs. Wadworth are also fully aware of their environmental responsibilities and the move to a new site gives them the opportunity to make significant changes to enhance their sustainability credentials. 

Wadworth is seeking to relocate its existing Northgate brewery facility to a site where it can operate a modern brewery operation, allowing it to diversify its beer offer and in turn, support its pubs much more effectively. It has chosen the former Selectabook site as a suitable location to retain its operation within Devizes, as the site itself is situated within an industrial area which is designated for such uses.

Ultimately, Wadworth needs to relocate and values the importance of remaining in the town and retaining employment in the local area. The former Selectabook building gives Wadworth this opportunity. We hope you support us in writing this new chapter in Wadworth’s legacy.

Once you have reviewed the website, please provide feedback online via the comments form HERE, or write to us at the address below;


Pegasus Group,

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Please let us have your comments by 29th November 2021.