Next Steps


Thank you for your comments. We will take these into consideration in progressing the Brewery scheme.

We feel it is important to inform the public about the general development process and timeline moving forward. This is outlined below.

Public Consultation

October – November 2021

We are undertaking this public consultation process before we submit a planning application for the new Wadworth Brewery at the former Selectabook site. We have also circulated leaflets to local residents in the surrounding site area, containing a brief description of the proposed development, a link to this consultation website and a pre-paid comments slip.

This consultation will allow our Development Team to engage with local residents and the community to receive feedback on the proposed Development scheme.

The application will be accompanied by a Statement of Community Involvement which will detail the feedback received with respect to this public consultation exercise and set-out how the development proposals will be adapted in response.

Planning Process

Application submission: December 2021 (est.)

Determination: March 2022 (est.)

The application will seek full planning permission for the use of the former Selectabook site as the Wadworth Brewery along with the associated physical works to accommodate this. Such an application requires all relevant details to be finalised and submitted upfront. This will include full details regarding the use of the site, parking as well as design aspects such as building appearance, material treatment, sustainable and energy reduction features, landscaping and vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access.

You will be able to submit comments on the planning application directly to Wiltshire Council once it is validated and live.

The comments section of the project consultation website will also remain active so you can make further representations via this method which in turn will be passed onto Wiltshire Council.

Post Planning

July 2022 (est.)

Obviously we would like you to try a newly brewed Wadworth beer ASAP, but most planning permissions require further details to be submitted before construction can commence. This includes contributions necessary to offset any infrastructure impacts of the development.

Wiltshire Council will also most likely require further details on the construction process before such works can proceed. This will be dealt via planning conditions. Residents and the local community will have an opportunity to make representations on these matters.

The First Pint!

Mid 2023 (est.)

If we are successful and have approval by Wiltshire Council, we envisage construction will commence towards the end of 2022 (depending on the supply of brewing equipment, materials etc.) with operations to begin between the middle and end of 2023. Then you can finally enjoy your first pint brewed and supplied from Wadworth’s new brewery, and we hope you enjoy it!

We understand there will be some noise, dust and traffic impacts associated with the construction, but please understand these are short-term impacts which all developments generate.